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As a huge supporter of TV play show that is modern, I love a lot amazing TV series like Nikita, Desperate Housewife, The Big Band Theory, Gossip Girl, and Game of Thrones etc. I like them so much that I’m not amenable to miss even one episode of them. However, there’s one thing making me insane that is, I do exercises, have to work and do many other tinny but time -taking things so that I will be not able to watch these shows on air on a regular basis. So, I have to record them via Windows Movie Maker when they watch and play them afterwards. Here is the question. The file recorded via Windows Movie Maker is in WTV format. Yet, neither of my players and devices can support WTV files so that I cannot iPhone on travel or once I take a bus or appreciate my TV shows. I cannot edit in iMovie or play with them.

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The players say the file formats cannot be supported. I decide to find some alternatives and am out my thoughts. After much Googling, I find getting a video converter to convert my WTV files to other players and breaks up supported formats will easily solve my issue. Therefore, I do lots of search and select several better converters to locate the one I like most. Here is a list. 1.Bigasoft WTV Converter 2.Nero 3.MC-TVConverter 4.Free Video Converter I get the one I need most and compare them according to the following facets and make investigation. 1.Cost 2.Video quality 3.Converting speed 4.Out of sync issue After careful comparison, I get the conclusion that Bigasoft WTV Converter is the option.

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With lower cost, Bigasoft WTV Converter can help me fast convert my files while preserving high video quality. I am able to love all my favorite TV series any time anyplace in any players. Yet, there is one tedious question appearing “” out of sync problem after a long time. It causes me a lot of inconvenience and I turn to Bigasoft Support Team for help. They say the dilemma will be solved within one month when the issue is fixed and I will be informed by them promptly. About one month later, I get the tips the dilemma is fixed and receive the email from them. I try the new version of Bigasoft WTV Converter my out of sync issues and all are gone really. The out of sync problem is a really troublesome issue in applications field to be candid and there is no one really can solve it. Bigasoft Corporation does it.

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What exactly is incredible! I am really impressed on Bigasoft applications and Bigasoft Corporation and need to thank for all of workers in Bigasoft Corporation doing me a great party favor. If you are facing the exact same difficulty why not try Bigasoft applications? I do expect that my share make you remove your trouble and can help you a lot. Please visit Bigasoft official website to have a try. I also share the link of Bigasoft WTV Converter. PC Variant: Mac variant: Oh, just forget one thing; you may even go to its official site to have a look. It is here:

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