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Promote Android Apps Described By Cpimobi Service

This article is part of an SEO series from WooRank Thank you for cpimobi the partners who make SitePoint possible. Some of the cpimobi identifiable elements of an app’s listing are the creative elements – the app icon and the icon and screenshots play a role in communicating to viewers what your app is about. A tool like Appirator will remind your users to rate your app with an in-app pop-up box. Yea, you might have a great app, but 15 people claiming It’s the best app I’ve ever used!!!!!” and all with cpimobi stars is insanely obvious. Just like with app titles, how you should handle app keywords differs from the Apple App Store to Google Play. Updating the Title and Keywords requires a new app store version number and submission. Because ASO is such a different game from SEO, many optimizers dispensed with the importance of keywords in title creation and description writing.

Picking, testing and refining keywords is a top priority for app publishers – both big and small, and the AppAnnie tool will show you which apps are ranking for the leading search terms, reveal competitors on terms you’re already using, and much more. Your choice of keywords also figures heavily into your app description, another huge factor in ASO.

According to research conducted by App Annie, which was published in The Wall Street Journal, Google Play Store outnumbers Apple App Store both in terms of available iOS apps and the total number of downloads. As has been mentioned Apple has very tough restrictions and demands for apps approval in the App Store. This is something that only matters for Google Play, since, like Google’s search engine, it takes PageRank into consideration. Ultimately, the higher your app ranks, the more visible it is to potential customers. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a must for any Android developer who wants to get noticed in the crowded Google Play Store marketplace. It is also highly encouraged to use single keywords instead of longtail keywords because it gives the algorithm more possible combinations. Also write down the keywords you already added to your app within iTunes store optimization tools

Understanding the fundamentals of ASO is important – it’s similar to SEO for websites, only each store has its own rules to follow. Don’t ruin it. Your app’s icon is one the first elements that users see when browsing the app store. One caveat – last November’s App Store updates lessened the impact of keywords in your title, but I have yet to see a valid counter argument to not including keywords in your title. ASO is an important process for app developers to know how well their apps are doing in the app store and handle their success in every phase. Picking the best keywords requires understanding your market, your competitors and popular search phrases.

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