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Concern by imabookfreak July 5, 2011 / Is this achievable? I know it can be achieved in most instances, but my phone (LG GW370 Neon II;) does not have any functionality because of it, and that I havent been able to effectively link my phone towards the PC and sync it with LG Computer Package, despite the fact that I-do have the cable and certainly will effectively make use of the cellphone like a mass-storage product in this manner. I understand my telephone has the capability to save SMS communications for the microSD card that is injected, but I addt genuinely believe that will make it open to replicate to the PC… Reviews for this Question are not open. louise ruben cacot Only follow the instructions ive built. And post some questions and reviews there. louise ruben cacot I have this same problem with all the lg ln240 remarq. I’ve to go them to laptop first, although I desperately need to print the messages. I can link and then the sdcard i cannot save communications to. Require this and I’ve to attend judge, and have been trying everything suggested tome that created any sense.

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Still no fortune. Please anyone who thank and will help you Hello, you’re able to deliver them to Treasuremytext; you just set a merchant account up free. You simply pay for texts if your monthly contract has infinite free texts you don’t spend and that are submitted. This worked for me personally. Hello Book Nut, Your USB Connection adjustments on the cellphone are incorrect for joining to LG PC Selection if it turning up as a mass storage device. Here are steps to change that: 1. Media the proper soft Selection that is key in the screen.2 that is standby. Select Adjustments. Use the Down or Up Navigation key choose and to spotlight Connection Mode.5 that is Hardware.

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Use the Up Navigation key to highlight Audio Sync, or Data-Storage (on in the event the phone is completely up-to Depends -date.6. Reconnect these devices into a PC. Then you ought to not be unable to attach LG Laptop Selection for your cellphone, you could have to restart the program after the steps to perform the method. Please be aware the instructions offered are immediately in the Manual to your phone, that I found at on the LG Site under service. You need to subsequently be able to copy your text messages, among other characteristics, after your application attaches. If this doesn’t operate, sync your texting online this way, and you can try to obtain a free account at Then they may be utilized online, being a zip-file from there, or stored to pc separately. However, Microsoft will soon end the Myphone company by the end with this month, which means you will need to have this setup just before that. Of which occasion your on line setting will be backed up by it to your skydrive account for you.

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Please let if it will help me realize. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I was still failed. I have it setto Ask; then when I connect it, I will select from Data Storage; Music Sync; and Mass Storage;. I’ve connected the telephone, and restarted numerous times, the software and selecting all three settings many times each. The Hardware connection usually fails. I installed the Flash individuals and my telephone application is updated. Additionally, the MyPhone is not an alternative for me since I have weart have internet-access on this phone. Thanks for your answer.

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